12-10 AWG Heat Shrink Quick Disconnect Wire Terminal Female - 5 pack



Top quality heat shrinkable terminals are a favorite among marine professionals. These terminals easily shrink tight to cable providing strain relief at the connection point to reduce wire strand breakage and pullout. The seal fomed by the heat shrinkable jacket protects terminations from water, condensation, corrosion, and salt spray. The terminals are constructed from high-grade, fully annealed, tin plated copper with a brazed barrel seam.

-Operating Temerature: -55C to +125C
-Shrink Ratio: Approx 3:1 at 135C
-Dielectric Strength: 900V/mil
-Volume Resistivity: 1015 ohm-cm3
-Available in gauge sizes form 22 to 8 in variuos connection styles
-Provides fastest, safest most reliable connection

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