Braided Expandable Wire Sleeving 1/2" 10 ft Roll Black



Features of PET Braided Sleeving:

Excellent cut through and abrasion resistance
High quality alternative to Bentley Harris Expando PT®, Alpha GRP-110, PET sleeving
Continuous use temperature of -70°C to 125°C (-103°F to 257°F)
Melt temperature of 260°C (500°F)
Expands up to three times its resting diameter
Halogen Free, ROHS compliant
Self Extinguishing
Resists Gasoline, Engine Chemicals & Cleaning Solvents
Braided from 10 mil polyethylene terepthalate (PET) monofilament yarns.
Registered in the NASA database for low outgassing

Comes in 10ft rolls, if ordering multiple lengths it will be shipped in one continuous piece (Example: 3 rolls would be one 30ft length) 

Nominal Size____Expansion Min___Expansion Max
1/4 inch________1/8 inch________3/8 inch
3/8 inch________3/16 inch_______5/8 inch
1/2 inch________1/4 inch________3/4 inch
3/4 inch________1/2 inch________1.25 inch
1.25 inch_______3/4 inch________1.75 inch
1.50 inch_______1 inch__________2.25 inch
1.75 inch_______1 inch__________2.75 inch

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