14/3 AWG Marine Grade Wire Tinned Boat Cable Flat 25 ft



14/3 AWG marine grade wire is a flat triplex 3 conductor wire features flexible, tinned copper stranding which is ideal for your boat wiring needs. Our marine wire is made in the USA and meets ABYC and US Coast Guard specifications while UL listed as UL1426 Boat Cable. The maximum allowable amperage of 14/3 AWG marine grade primary wire is 35 amps outside of engine spaces and 29.8 amps inside the engine space.
This wire has a white overall jacket with black, white and green conductors typically used in AC (alternating current) wire installations. The black is hot, white is neutral and green is for ground. The benefit of having all three conductors in one cable is simplified installation where all three wires need to run to and from the same location. The outer jacket can be removed to expose the individual leads on the ends of the wire and run them to separate locations.
  • Finely stranded tinned copper conductor (Type III)
  • Color coded PVC insulation (See chart for specifics per gauge)
  • Temperature Range: -20C to 105C
  • Voltage Rating: 600V
  • Resistant To: Acid, Alkalis, Abrasion, Flame, Gasoline, Oil, Ozone, Moisture, Fungus

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