Anderson SB50 Quick Connect Plug 120 Amp 6 AWG Red



Anderson Power Products SB Series plug in style connectors offer a safe connection means with quick disconnect/connect. The corrosion resistant copper contacts can be crimped or soldered on to the cable and then inserted into the housing where they securely lock in place. This connector is popular in situations where a quick disconnect/connect is required such as forklift battery charging and plug in style booster/jumper cables for vehicle charging.

With these plugs, there are no "male" or "female" plug style, the plugs mate together up side down to each other and are marked for polarity with a "+" for positive and a "-" for negative to ensure the proper connection. This listing is for a single plug consisting of a plastic housing and two wire contacts. If you need a mating set you will need to order two of these plugs. Mating plugs must be of the same color and amp rating to mate. Different color plugs will not mate together now will plugs of different amperage.

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