12543 Battery Terminal Straight Copper - Negative - 1 AWG or 2 AWG



Battery terminals are cast using 131 contact copper which is 93% to 95% copper and are electro plated with a bright tin finish. Each terminal has raised letters indicating wire size and polarity of the post. These terminals are sand cast making them more durable and reliable then die cast parts. For added corrosion resistance, a thin layer of epoxy is added to the surface of the nuts and bolts. This layer doesn't effect the ease of assembly and will maintain constant torque and galvanic protection.

-Tin plated 131 contact copper
-Straight, Left and Right Elbows, and Flags in stock
-Chamfered entry
-Sizes from 6 AWG to 4/0 AWG
-Anti corrosion coating applied to nuts and bolts

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