2104 Blue Sea Systems DC Powerbar Bus w- 4x3-8 Inch Studs & 4 Screws 600 Amp Max



Blue Sea Systems power bar is a unique high amperage power distribution bus. Constructed from tinned-plated CDA110 copper with a GE Lexan polycarbonate base. Rated at 48 volts DC maximum.

Our busbar inventory features a wide variety of bus bars for a large variety of uses, from mini busses to 500 and 600 Amp continuous rated power buses, there will be a busbar to fit your need. Improper or corroded buses can rob precious voltage from a circuit. In starter and anchor windlass circuits where hundreds of amps flow, this could mean a big difference in cranking/lifting capability. Connect all high amperage cables securely.

• 48 Volts DC Maximum
• Tinned Plated Brass Bus
• Base Material: Glass Reinforced Nylon
• Many styles available with covers

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