21212 Heat Shrink Tubing Heavy Wall Adhesive Lined 3/4 Inch Diameter 1 ft Black



Heavy wall heat shrink tubing is tough and durable, installing quickly to protect, insulate, and seal your electrical connections in the most adverse conditions including direct burial and submersible installations. This heavy wall heat shrink tubing is coated internally with a dual purpose thermoplastic liner which flows and encapsulates upon being heated. When cooled the tubing offers the mechanical strength of a superior adhesive and the corrosion protection of a high quality mastic.

  • -3 to 1 shrink ratio
  • Higher than usual dielectric strength at 500V/mil thickness
  • Highly abrasion and impact resistant
  • Will adhere to PVC, Neoprene, Pololefins, EPR, steel, aluminum, and lead

Applicable Specifications:
  • UL 486D - Insulated wire connects for use with underground conductors
  • CSA C22.2 No. 198 - Underground cable splicing kits
  • ANSI C119.1 - Sealed insulated underground connector systems rated at 600V

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